Katy Perry x Covergirl Part 2

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Last time I told you guys all about Katy Perry's Demi Matte lipsticks, which I absolutely love. Walmart has the whole collection currently, so I finally found "Perry Panther", her black lipstick and I also picked up her Kate Kat Eye waterproof mascara. So I thought I'd give you a little update on those!

The black lipstick, adorably named Perry Panther, is definitely a different look for me but I've received a lot of compliments. The first coat I put on is sheer, but the colour is buildable to give you that solid black lip. You will need a lipliner for this colour because it is so dark, it easily bleeds and will smear. I don't suggest grabbing your pencil black eyeliners. They may be safe for your skin, but not on your lips, because it can be potentially toxic if ingested. If you can't find a black lipliner, a nude colour close to you lip colour should do or a concealer pencil that you can line just outside the lips to create a lipstick barrier.

Katy Perry has branched out to mascaras and recently released the Katy Kat Eye mascaras to give you the perfect cat eye look. I picked up the very black waterproof one but there is a blue mascara if you're adventurous! So I don't know if it's a mistake on the packaging but the brush on it looks like a full bristled brush that tapers to a point, but actually the brush looks like a spiral (see above). I tried to capture the brush as accurately as possible. Either way it doesn't bother me, the brush works fine. Other than that the product is true to the packaging. It is very black and very waterproof. The mascara definitely lengthens my shorter asian lashes and really adds volume to them (see below for before and after). It looks especially good with eyeliner. And it holds my lash curl all day!

I put on only a few coats of the mascara. You can definitely keep layering to get that desired length and build.

Some things to note, the product goes on heavy on the brush when you use it for the first time and clumps up. I suspect because it is a new mascara and the product is very 'wet'. I remove some of the excess product using the mouth of the mascara tube to scrap it off. This helps reveal more of the actual bristles and prevents clumping when applying the mascara on.

Overall, I like the product. I wore it all day yesterday in that Toronto humidity and rain and I didn't have "raccoon" eyes at the end of it. I hope she releases a line of eye shadows next =].

So I hope this was helpful. If you want to read more about the Kate Kat Matte lipsticks, please read my previous post which you can find here.

Let me know if you've tried any of these products and leave me a comment below!

Until next time,
xo, Karen

Take It All Off – My Skin Care Routine

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For me, skin care is very important. As I've said before, I have crappy, oily, acne prone skin. To maintain it and have minimal spots, I need to take care of it. Even on those long days when I feel too lazy to do it all, I'll at least do the bare minimum. Here is my skin care routine for night time, day time, and my lazy nights.

Night Time Routine:

I take showers at night, so I do part of my night time skin routine in the shower:

Step 1: Before getting into the shower, I always remove my eye makeup first. I use Vichy's Waterproof Eye Makeup remover on a cotton pad to take off my eye makeup and waterproof mascara. I also use any excess product on the pad to remove the product on my eyebrows.

Step 2: In the shower, I use Vichy's one step 3-in-1 milk cleanser, toner and makeup remover all over my face. If I have a particularly heavy makeup day, I'll use Bobby Brown's Oil Cleanser* (not shown). I like doing this in the shower because I can easily rinse it off after.

*Oil Cleansers are good at picking up the oils and removing them from the skin. This follows the principle of "like dissolves like", oily stuff mixes with other oily stuff, making oil cleansers very effective at removing the oils built up on the face throughout the day.

Step 3: Still in the shower, I further cleanse my face with a charcoal-based cleanser to remove any excess dirt from my pores. Here I'm showing Biore's Charcoal Cleanser, you can read my post on my favourite charcoal cleansers here.

Step 4: Out of the shower, I will apply Vichy's Perfecting Toner all over my face with a cotton pad. There are two reasons why I do this. First, any remaining dirt after cleansing is removed. You'd be surprised by how much residual dirt is left over, you can even see it on the cotton pad! The second reason is, toner "tones" the face. As you scrub your skin with cleanser it opens up your skin cells, and pores. Toner helps realigns and smooths out your skin cells, and tightens your pores.

Step 5: I apply my night cream. In this case it's a benzoyl peroxide based acne cream.

Day Time Routine:

Step 1: I wash my face with some warm water using a wash cloth. The cloth helps scrub off my night cream and whatever is left on my skin when I wake up in the morning.

Step 2: I cleanse my face with a mild foaming cleanser. In the morning I use Cerave; the one I'm using is for normal-oily skin. I like it because it doesn't irritate my skin or cause me to break out, but it leaves it feeling clean. I don't normally use an exfoliant in the morning, mainly because I don't think it's necessary to scrub my skin raw in the morning when I have already completely cleaned my skin the night before.

Step 3: I apply toner to a cotton pad, and wipe it all over my face, for reasons above.

Step 4: I apply moisturizer and go on with my makeup routine

Lazy Nights’ Routine:

Step 1: Remove eye makeup using Vichy's Waterproof Eye Makeup remover.

Step 2: I apply Vichy's one step micellar solution on a cotton pad to remove the make up on my face. I typically use two pads of the solution to remove the majority of the makeup

Step 3: Wash my face with a wash cloth, then use a cleanser, typically Lush's Coalface cleanser

Step 4: Remove residual dirt with Vichy's Perfecting Toner using a cotton pad.

Step 5: Apply night cream

Okay, it seems like this is the same amount of work but it really is faster on lazy days! I always need to do at least this much so I don't feel like an oily-faced monster.

And that's my skin-care routine. Do you guys have any particular products you like to use to remove your makeup and/or wash your face? Let me know in the comments! See you guys in the next post! And Happy Valentine's Day! xo, Karen